Pug Camp is an incredible sleepaway camp for Pugs, honorary Pugs, and their humans. It’s a long weekend packed with events, fun and fundraising for Pug rescues nationwide!

All Pug rescues are invited to attend and participate. The attending rescues organize and run their own events and they can be anything they think people and/or Pugs will enjoy. The rescue can decide how much they want to charge for entry into whatever their event may be. Most events start at $5 – $10, plus extra charges for raffles or specialty items.

Over the years, Pug Camp has raised over $100K for Pug Rescues. Friendships are formed as we all gather in the spirit of fun and generosity. Whether it’s Pug Olympics, Pug Yoga, the Costume Contest, s’mores night, movies, or the Saturday night main event, we make sure to see that everyone has a wonderful time while we work to help pugs in need.