Pug Camp 2020 Extra Day


JOIN US AT 2PM Thursday, August 27th!

If you’ve already registered for Pug Camp and want to come a day early, then this page is for you! If you have not yet registered yet, please use the regular registration form. There is now an option there to add the additional day to your registration.

Join us a day early for a relaxed day in the mountains! The extra day will include Thursday dinner, Friday breakfast and lunch. There will be a few activities planned by volunteers, but for the most part, you will be responsible for entertaining yourself. Just enjoy the outdoors!

2020 has been a rough year, and we wanted to give everyone an extra day to get away! The canteen will be off limits until checkin on Friday while Pug Squad gets ready for the rest of the guests to arrive on Friday!

It is $100 per person for the extra day regardless of which type of room you already booked! Please enter the appropriate quantity for the amount of people.