About The Rooms

There are two types of rooms at Pug Camp; bunks and private rooms. Bunks are shared and private rooms are for one or two people. The rooms are very basic. You can either bring your own linens or rent them from us for $20-30 per person.

 All reservations are non-refundable.

Each bunk is half of one of these buildings. We try to keep the number of people in each bunk to about 8.  If you are attending with a large group, just let us know and we can give your group the whole building and split you up between the two bunks.

Bunk Outside View

Each building has a set of bathrooms. They are shared between the two bunks as seen below. The bathrooms are open on the sides that lead into the bunks, so it’s a good idea to bring a gate to block off your side if you don’t want your pugs off visiting the other bunk.

bunk shared bathroom

Private Rooms
There are two types of private rooms. The first type has two separate rooms that share a building. Each room has it’s own bathroom. Please note that the private rooms sell out VERY quickly.

Private Room with Private Bathroom

private rooms with private baths

The second type is in a building for the head counselors. There are five private rooms, one has it’s own bathroom, and the others share a bath with the room across from them. There are doors on each side, and the bathroom is totally private while you are using it. Just remember to unlock your neighbors side when you are done!

private room with a shared bathroom

Rooms are assigned randomly. Please do not request to be put in one type or the other!